While every part of your home needs to be maintained, one room of your house that deserves some special consideration is your sunroom. It is, after all, a special space – one with more light-ushering windows than the other rooms in your house. Here are the important steps to take to make sure your sunroom stays in good condition all year long. 

How to Clean Your Windows

The trick to keeping your windows well-maintained is to clean them regularly. However, keep in mind that how you clean them is also important. Dont lean a ladder up against your windows, as that weight can sometimes result in more problems. Power washers can also be damaging. Use a soft cloth or brush and avoid using a glass cleaner with abrasive ingredients, including bleach, chlorine or ammonia. 

Dont forget about the frames

While its easy to focus on the windows – they are the main event in this room, after all — that doesnt mean you should forget about the frames. Start by dusting with a feather duster or dry cloth before using a cleaner. These should be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush, too. As you wipe down your frames, keep an eye out for leaks or condensation around your seals and check that they havent become damaged or dislodged from their tracks. Youll want to catch these early before they lead to mold down the road. 

Take inventory of your screens, too

Window screens are often overlooked when it comes time to clean your windows. The best way to clean your screens is to first remove them from the window and then clean with water and cleaner, removing any dirt with a gentle brush. Rinse and dry the screens before placing them back into the window.

Maintain your landscaping

Another important step in keeping your sunroom maintained is to keep the trees and other plans that surround your sunroom well-trimmed. Branches from trees and shrubs can scratch your windows and dead tree branches can be especially hazardous should a storm enter the forecast. Keep the garden near your sunroom maintained too, as some flowers can stain windows and fallen leaves can clog your gutters. 

Clean your gutters

Though you may already clean the gutters on the rest of your house, the gutters on your sunroom can sometimes be different, as theyre often added later. Regularly cleaning your gutters ensures that water flows efficiently away from your house, avoiding clogging and water pooling that can cause problems later on. 

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