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Frequently Asked Questions about Sunrooms

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Q: Do you need a permit for a sunroom?

A: Yes. A sunroom does require a building permit to construct as they are a true addition to the home.


Q: What is the average cost of a sunroom?

A: $10,000 – $30,000. While you can spend as much as you like on a glass room attached to your home, sunrooms generally run between $8,000 and $80,000 including permits and construction costs. Prefabricated kits are much cheaper with $10,000 at lower grade and $30,000 on the higher end of custom kits.


Q: Is adding a sunroom a good investment?

(Are sunrooms worth it?)

(Do sunrooms add value to your home?)

(Is a sunroom worth the money?)

A: Absolutely! A sunroom adds considerable usable space to your home. While it won’t typically add a bedroom to your home, it will add square footage and a lot of natural light. The square footage alone should recoup about half the price of installing the sunroom, and if properly staged, it is a beautiful focal point of your home that is sure to greatly increase its value when you decide to sell.


Q: Can a sunroom be used as a bedroom?

(Is a sunroom considered living space?)

(Does a sunroom add square footage?)

(Is a sunroom considered an addition?)

(Does a sunroom increase your taxes?)

A: Yes! A sunroom will be harder to heat in the winter and harder to cool in the summer than a traditional bedroom, and it may lack a closet, but there’s nothing stopping you from putting your bed in a room that gives you an excellent view of the stars. You can wake every morning to the beauty of the sunrise and watch the rain pitter patter while you snuggle with your loved ones under the blankets. That means a  sunroom will also add square footage to your home, it is considered an addition and will have some additional tax burdens that come along with your home increasing in value.


Q: How do you keep a sunroom warm in the winter?

A: Double or Triple paned windows will help increase the insulation of your sunroom, and when the sun is out the room will be quickly heated, but otherwise you will need some kind of heater, usually linking the sunroom to the rest of your internal heating system will do the trick.


Q: Can you put a sunroom on a deck?

A: Yes! A covered deck can make for a wonderful sunroom. Covered patios are becoming more and more popular, think of all the plants you could grow year round if you had a climate controlled gardening space attached to your home!


Q: What’s the difference between a sunroom and Florida room?

A: Although some people may consider these to be two different terms, there isn’t any conscientious as to what those differences are. In general these terms are mutually interchangeable.


Q: Do you need a foundation for a sunroom?

A: No, but generally you will want one. Some sunroom kits augment onto existing decks and some sunrooms have live dirt floors for planting, but in general most sunrooms do have a true foundation and are the same as any other room in the house, only with significantly more windows.


Q: Can I build my own sunroom?

A: Yes! If you plan to build your own you should think about working from a kit rather than building from scratch. Global Solarium makes custom sunroom kits so you can build the custom glass addition to your house yourself, or with the help of a local contractor. Working from a kit will make inspections and building permits easier to acquire.


Q: How long does it take to build a sunroom?

A: On average, about a month. Some prefabricated kits can take as little as a day to full install and some sites may take longer than a month depending on the size and availability of materials.


Q: What are sunrooms made of?

A: The primary material of a sunroom is glass, but holding that glass together is usually aluminum, wood or vinyl. Aluminum is the most common framing material for a sunroom but is not always the best option depending on the moisture levels and desired appearance of inside of the sunroom.


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Sunroom Frame Materials in Vancouver WA

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