When it comes to designing the sunroom in your home or office, there are a lot of choices to be made — all of the fun. You get to choose the architectural style of the space, customize the colors and materials and decorate the new room to match your taste. When it comes time to choosing the doors for your sunroom, you may not even realize you have a choice. While you can always opt for a standard door for your new addition, don’t do so without exploring all of your options. Here are the benefits of adding a staging door to your sunroom design.

Invite the outdoors

If you’ve already chosen a solarium, sunroom or conservatory for your home or office, that means you’ve already shown how important the beauty of the natural world is to you. So why not invite even more of that beauty into your home or workspace through staging doors? With wider openings, staging doors offer a stronger connection between inside and outside. It’s great for connecting to an outdoor patio, yard, courtyard or plaza. This all results in more fresh air and will invite even more use of outdoor space. Just imagine the infinite uses for the combined indoor/outdoor space – birthday parties, family dinners, intimate summer evening conversations.

Improve your curb appeal

When it comes to home and office design, anything that strays from the standard tends to bring with it more curb appeal. Think back to the last building that struck you as “cool” or “inviting.” I bet the reason wasn’t because the architect followed the same cookie-cutter designs that you’ve seen everywhere else. With staging doors, you have the chance to stray away from the normal, standardized doors with their 80-inch height and 32-inch width. It’s a small thing, but once you’ve explored your options, you’ll realize how appealing staging doors actually are. Plus, if you’re thinking about making choices that add to the value of your home or office, improving the visual appeal is definitely a good investment.

Options to fit your preferences

When it comes to staging doors, there isn’t just one style — there are many options for fitting your need for your space and for matching your style. At Global Solarium, we have four different styles, all of which can be made using aluminum, steel and wood and can be painted. If you’d like to include panels or windows, that is easy to do. There are roll-up doors, folding doors, sliding doors and French doors, all of which can be customized to match the aesthetic of your solarium. 

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