Once youve made the decision to remodel your home, next comes a seemingly endless number of decisions. Ultimately, the design and vision for your house will act as a reflection of your life, personal style, and how you want to spend your time. Because of this, make sure you ask yourself: How much do you want sunlight to be part of your home? Here are some reasons why you should include a sunroom in your remodeling plans. 

Its a popular addition

Sunrooms flood your space with natural light, sunrooms elevate a home, taking comfort to a new level. Solariums are a type of sunroom made entirely of glass that uses thermal technology to keep the room insulated. All of these components allow for your sunroom to have many uses, which is one of the many reasons theyre such a popular addition to existing houses.

Four Season vs Three Season Sunroom

When you start to do your research into sunrooms, one of the first things youll learn is that there are different types. Its important that you understand all of your options so that you make the right choice. A four-season sunroom, like those at Global Solarium, are designed to ensure you have a comfortable space during all four seasons. This includes features like dual pane insulated glass, double sealed frames, and thermal protection. Three-season sunrooms, on the other hand, are typically not insulated and do not include features typically found in the rest of the house such as heating or air conditioning. Knowing this distinction will help you determine what you want to be included in your homes blueprints.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Just like youre customizing your house to fit your every last need, you can customize your sunroom to do exactly the same thing. You can choose between a curved eave or straight eave style; Your sunroom can have vinyl, aluminum, or wood frames; Windows can be sliding, awning, or casements style. The opportunities are endless. The fun thing is that your sunroom can take on different uses over the years depending on your changing wants and needs. Inviting more sun into your everyday life is never something youll regret doing.

While youre deciding on all of the features you want for your newly built house or for your remodel, make sure you consider include a sunroom in your plans. Youll thank yourself in a few years from now when your feet are propped up and youre reading in your cozy well-lit sunroom all year round. 

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