As we head into winter and the days get shorter, extra minutes in the sunlight are precious. A sunroom or solarium extends your indoor living space into the outdoors while offering protection from wind and rain. Its an opportunity to soak up much-needed rays in the winter without exposing yourself to the elements.

While people tend to associate sunrooms with the hottest time of the year, the glass enclosures offer an ideal environment to enjoy all that winter has to offer. Can you imagine a better place to sip hot chocolate under a wool blanket, watching snow fall all around you in the glow of twinkly lights?

With a little foresight and a touch of creativity, its easy to extend the optimal sunroom season into wintertime.


Control the temperature


As outdoor temperatures drop and hours of sunlight shorten, youll find that the solarium gets much colder. Moderating the climate in your sunroom requires consideration of two factors: insulation and heating.

Global Solariums prefab solariums feature high-performance sunroom materials, including dual-pane glass that will help insulate the interior. But you should also keep watch for any small gaps or leaks. If you can locate the source of a draft from inside your sunroom, you may be able to fix it yourself with a bit of caulk. If the issue is exterior, youll likely want to bring in a professional to complete the solarium repair.

Whether using a solarium kit or relying on our construction expertise, the most energy-efficient way to heat the space is to connect to your homes HVAC system during the sunroom install. You can also bring in a portable electric heater, like the heaters stationed near outdoor tables at restaurants. Or, to fully embody the cozy winter vibe, you can add an electric or gas fireplace. Roasted chestnuts, anyone?


Prep for storms


Solariums are built to withstand usual weather conditions, including wind and snow. But no matter how well built, extreme weather brings with it a risk of damage. Heavy snowfall can collect and add stress to your structure, and harsh gusts of wind can knock branches or other debris into your glass.

Ahead of any major winter storms, look for potential hazards. Assess the health of nearby trees — do any branches need to be pruned? Are there any gardening tools, barbeque utensils or pieces of yard furniture that could blow into your sunroom? With observation and preparation, you can help prevent debris from damaging your windows.

If your region undergoes a stronger-than-usual snowstorm, you can alleviate the extra weight on your sunroom structure using a roof rake. The tool is designed to sweep accumulated snow off of home roofs without causing damage, and the telescoping handle usually allows you to reach the very top.

Ice that builds up during sustained, below-freezing temperatures can also wreak havoc on aluminum sunroom parts if the solarium has any gaps. Leaks that find their way into crevices expand when they freeze, potentially causing more damage. Keep an eye out for any dripping water after a cold snap. If you do notice damage, contact Global Solariums with any repair questions.


Lean into the season


Its hard to imagine a better place to watch the seasons first snowflakes flurry to the ground than from a toasty, enclosed space with an unobstructed view. Dont be afraid to embrace the spirit with winter-themed touches.

Celebrate the holidays by stringing up white or colored lights around your solarium. Theyll serve a double purpose, adding to the festive atmosphere while providing additional soft light (vital especially as daylight hours shorten.)

Add warm touches to the space that embodies the season. Cozy textiles, like knitted throw blankets, make your solarium look and feel welcoming. Lighting a candle with a seasonally-appropriate scent — think balsam, mahogany, and spiced sugar cookies — provides more soft, flickering light while engaging your sense of smell.

And dont be afraid to make your solarium the central gathering place for your seasonal celebrations. Its a lovely place to set up and decorate a tree or fill your familys stockings.

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