When designing your perfect patio, you’re likely envisioning a place for friends and family to gather on a pleasant summer day filled with sunshine. While you’re planning for it, make sure that you don’t let the sun’s harsh rays, or a little afternoon drizzle ruin your day by including a patio awning in your blueprint. Having space to enjoy the fresh outside air in the respite of a covering invites everyone to stay longer. Here are some things to consider when adding an awning to your patio. 

Built to Last

The patio awnings built and installed by Global Solarium are made to withstand the elements. Aluminum framing is a great choice because the material won’t rust and has a longer lifespan than other materials, so you don’t have to worry about rotting, warping, or buckling in bad weather. You can even add steel supports under your awning for added strength. For those opting for the warmer appeal of wood framing, Global Solarium uses the highest quality treated, primed, and finished wood to ensure that your awning will last in any climate. The glass used in these awnings, too, are designed with the forecast in mind – including strong winds downing tree limbs. Tempered glass is designed to break into small pieces, making it safer to deal with than large shards. Laminated glass, too, is designed to keep glass in place should it break. No matter which glass you choose, you’ll sleep soundly knowing that the best technology is in place regardless of any falling debris.

Designed with Water in Mind

With each awning installed, Global Solarium includes a quadruple weepage system built into the frame. These channels are designed to evacuate water, condensation, and small leaks, sending it away from the interior of the awning and dispelling it to the outside. This means that you don’t have to worry about precipitation building up in hard-to-notice places, ensuring lower maintenance and maximum enjoyment for your awning. 

Custom to Your Style

With your awning, every detail is customizable to your liking. Both kinds of glass come with a selection of tints and there are several architectural styles to choose from. Some prefer a modern Edwardian style, while others are drawn to the gothic-feel of the Georgian style. The classic wood charm of the Victorian style is also an option. 

The Perfect Fit

Patio awnings can be made to fit any size and shape of patio, so you’ll want to take a hard look at your space to decide what works best for your space. Note how the sun’s trajectory effects your outdoor space and consider which areas you’d like protection from the rain and rays. Patio awnings can also be designed to match the colors of the exterior of your house, that way everything works in harmony together and nothing looks out of place. 

Your patio is a special part of your home that will be the setting for several memory-worthy occasions, so make sure you’re protecting yourself and your guests from the elements with a patio awning. Once you’ve added one to your outdoor space, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

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