There are plenty of projects you can do to add value to your one. One of the more fun ones you can get some actual use out of is adding a sunroom. If nothing else, adding square footage and living space to your home will automatically increase its value, both in essence and in actual price assessment value.

But a sunroom is so much more than an addition to your houses square footage. Depending on how the sunroom is designed and then organized, it can be used in a variety of ways for whatever you and your family are looking for. 


Find the design that works best for you


At Global Solarium, we offer Curved Eave and Straight Eave Sunrooms with a variety of options. Curved-eave sunrooms are one of the most favored designs among our customers, as our unique continuous beam design allows a smooth transition from the roof to the front wall. The wide bay spacing in curved-eave solariums maximized your viewing, so its a great option if your sunroom is going to be a place to relax and watch the world go by for a while. 

Straight Eave Sunrooms are also called studio sunrooms. The single design makes for an easy installation and means it can be adapted for any home style. The straight eave option can be a natural extension to an existing roofline, however, Global Solariums custom sunroom design does not limit our customers to a specific size or architectural style. 

We have three standard colors, along with plenty of custom ones, and we only use dual-pane, tempered safety glass. Sunrooms were previously constructed using steel framing material, however, modern-day technology allows Global Solarium to provide our customers with a choice of vinyl, aluminum, or wood interiors. The exterior of our sunrooms are always extruded aluminum to protect your investment from harsh weather conditions.


Make your porch livable


Plenty of people have a porch, but porches arent considered livable. That means they dont count toward your homes amount of livable space, which is one of the major factors in determining your homes value. 

But the thing with a porch is that it can easily be converted into a sunroom, which means it can easily bring additional value to your home. There are plenty of ways people use their sunroom to bring something new to their home. Here are a few of the more common uses for sunrooms that will make your home more desirable on the market:

  • Building a master suite sunroom will add more intrinsic value to your homes worth than any other sunroom purpose, as this way increases the square footage of your master suite. This option will bring tons of natural light to your home during the day, and give you some great chances to stargaze at night. 
  • Use the space as a home office. We all got quickly acquainted with working from home throughout the last year and a half. Whether youve moved to work from home full-time, or just on occasion, using your sunroom as an office will give you tons to look at while you try and draft that perfect email, or just a stunning background for your next Zoom meeting. 
  • Bring the gym to your home with a workout room. Youve already spent time working from home, so now its time to work out from home, too. There is only so long you can stare at a screen while using the treadmill or exercise bike, but with a sunroom, you can stay active while watching the birds in your yard. The sunroom can be a relaxing place, which makes it a great space for yoga, as well. 
  • Have fun with your space, and use it as a family game room. You can use the sunroom for all kinds of fun games, as there is plenty of room for something like a pool table or a card table. Or you can just put in some furniture to give your family room to play board games, complete puzzles, or do arts and crafts projects. 
  • Enjoy your morning coffee as you sift through the newspaper at your breakfast nook. Plenty of people just want a beautiful space to kick back and relax. You can decorate this sunroom however you like to get the most coziness possible out of your space. 

With so many variations on sunrooms, its not so much a question of if sunrooms can add value to your home. But its more about in what way do you want to bring this added value to your home? You can bring in something with some defined purpose, like an office or a gym, or you can have a great-looking space for hosting friends, gathering with family, or relaxing in your home. 

Regardless of what youre looking for, Global Solarium can bring it to your home. Our work can stand up to anything, from the rainy seasons of Portland and Seattle to the heart of Los Angeles and even to the heavy snow in Salt Lake City. 

Give us a call today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can bring you the sunroom of your dreams. 

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