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Greenhouse in your home.

If you enjoy gardening but would love to care for plants that cannot be cultivated outside in your climate, or you would like to avoid the weather yourself, or you would like to bring your plants inside to avoid pests or other problems that come with exposure to the complexities of nature, a greenhouse is an elegant and affordable solution to your problems.

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Pest Control

A greenhouse gives you a triage space, a quarantine from the problems of the outside world. This is largely frost and unwanted cold weather, but it also applies to pests. Close all the windows and shut the door and for the most part your greenhouse is closed off from the outside world. Problems with fungus or insects can be easily controlled by applying chemicals or making environmental adjustments. Where an outside war against aphids is ongoing, one fought in a greenhouse could end in just a few days, and because the plants can be closed off from the outside world, it can take a lot longer for the aphids to come back.

Climate Control

A greenhouse can allow the growth of some incredible plants. You can keep tropical species from ever experiencing a frost, allowing for much larger plants than you could potentially grow outside with a harsh winter season. In exceptionally hot arid climates, you can maintain lower temperatures and higher humidity than the outside, allowing for tropical plants in the desert. With the help of a greenhouse, oranges can be grown in northern Canada, and pine trees can be grown in Death Valley. If there is a plant you dream of caring for, maybe a coffee tree, or cocoa, or the famed Corpse Flower, we can help build you a space to garden it.

Your Own Garden of Eden

We are a completely custom solarium builder. That means whatever your vision is for your greenhouse, whatever kinds of plants you want to cultivate, we can build you the perfect structure to match those needs. We can make your dream greenhouse a reality.

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