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Conservatories and Sunrooms

Welcome to Global Solarium! We are a Wholesale Manufacturer and Distributor of Conservatories, Sunrooms, Awnings, Patio Rooms, and Pool Enclosures in Vancouver, WA.

One of the most cost effective, quick and easy ways to add space and value to a house is the addition of a conservatory or sunroom. Adding a solarium to a home is a cost effective method of adding that extra square footage that most home owners are looking for.

What most homeowners do not know, is that a sunroom, conservatory, or solarium addition is a room that can be used year round. By using only the highest quality products and manufacturing, Global Solariums sunrooms ensure that a new addition will be efficient and usable in any season. Saving energy by trapping in warmth in the winter, or keeping you cool by reflecting the sun’s rays away during the summer, a sunroom or conservatory is a great way to enjoy the outdoors any time of year.

A Global Solariums sunroom addition is designed and customized to blend perfectly with your current house design. With a wide variety of designs and finishes to choose from, the glass addition will enhance the look of any house, and provide a seamless match to any current home design. Whether you are looking for a glass roofed awning, bedroom, family room, kitchen extension, or simply adding a glassed patio room to your home, there is no better way to brighten a space and fill it with natural light than a sunroom or conservatory.