When most people think sunrooms, they tend to think summer. Its a great way to lay out in the sun (sort of) without dealing with as much of the heat and humidity. A perfect way to kick back with an icy drink and a book. 

But fall in the Pacific Northwest is one of those just magical times of the year, and theres no reason your sunroom should get less use just because theres less sun poking its head out. After all, isnt checking out all those beautifully-colored leaves without having to leave your own home an absolute dream for everyone?

Beyond that, here are a few other options for getting the most out of your sunroom as we drift further into fall. 


Decorate it for the season


One of the quickest ways to get into the seasonal spirit is to surround yourself with it. Switch out the summer gear with fall décor, like autumn colors, upholstered furniture, and a cozy rug. Toss some throw pillows and plush blankets down and youll be a nice cup of tea away from living in a fall photo shoot. 

You can also bring in some fall holiday-themed items. With a sunroom that looks outside, pumpkins feel right at home in a sunroom. You can also bring in some easy-care mums in vases or baskets, along with acorns, fall leaves, and dried corn for a rustic, homey texture that Martha Stewart would approve of. 


Make your sunroom the center of your holiday season


Youre not going to have trick-or-treaters come to your sunroom, you can still get some holiday cheer out of it. Its a great place to have family and friends over for a pumpkin-carving night or a fun day of making fall wreaths. Get a projector, some blankets, and popcorn and have a movie night where you cuddle up together and watch Charlie Brown search for the Great Pumpkin. 

The first Thanksgiving was held outdoors, so why not celebrate the holiday yourself kind of outdoors? Take out all the other furniture and put a long dining table in your sunroom. Put out some nice tablecloth with pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves, and a cornucopia, and have your meal in the sunroom. You can leave all the food in the kitchen, have everyone make their own plates, and bring them to the sunroom. 


Consider adding a heating option


As the sun hides behind clouds and is drowned out by rain, your sunroom wont keep itself warm as it does in the spring and summer. However, you can always bring radiant heat to your sunroom. Radiant heating systems fit just beneath the floorboards and use natural convection currents to keep a space warm. Its not as energy efficient as incorporating your sunroom into your HVAC system, but it will certainly help keep your toes warm. 

You can also just put a heater in your sunroom. You can find heaters just like youd see at an outdoor seating section of a restaurant that sits on top of tables or stands a few feet off the ground. Those tend to be a bit more attractive, so you wont have to sacrifice the appearance of your sunroom for the heat to use it throughout the year. 

You can also add a gas or electric fireplace. What can be more enjoyable than watching a winter rain form the comfort of your sunroom while lounging by a warm fireplace?


Bring in some additional lighting


As the natural heat goes so does the natural light your sunroom will see. However, you dont need to end up sitting in your beautiful sunroom in the dark. You can toss up lights around to keep it useable even once the sun starts setting earlier and earlier. 

The new lights can even play into the vibe youre hoping to achieve in your sunroom. If you want it to be a space where you can continue to sit and read or a place for more active gatherings, you can put in higher-level lighting. If you want to make it a space to kick back and relax with some drinks and a star watch, you can put in more ambient lighting to keep things feeling relaxed. You can put up some string lights or colored lights, too, if you like those even more. 

Of course, if you dont want to have to worry about things like heat and lights when it comes to your sunroom year-round, those issues can be taken care of during installation if you use us at Global Solarium. Our sunrooms are built to last, so you and the family can use them in the hottest months of the summer through the rainy season of the fall and even hang out in there to watch the snowfall throughout the winter. 

Our sunrooms are designed to handle any and every climate, and Global Solariums design experts will assist you in designing your dream sunroom and contact you with quality local installers. Our authorized dealers work with you to design and build the sunroom of your dreams all along the west coast. You can also add stackable, fully retractable doors to enclose the existing patio or porch. You can keep closed in winter and totally open the entire wall in summer.

We can install sunrooms, patio awnings, patio rooms, conservatories, skylights, and staging doors. Our dealers will visit your home and help design the perfect enclosure for the space. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

If you have any questions about adding a sunroom or solarium to your home or if you’re looking to become a dealer call the experts at (800) 810-7666. Global Solarium has been providing excellent dealer service in the Portland OR,  Los Angeles CA, – Sacramento CA,– San Jose CA, – San Francisco CA, – Salt Lake City UT, – Seattle WA, and Spokane WA areas.