For years, sunrooms have been a popular home addition and they continue to be a great way for homeowners to bring more natural light into their indoor space, add square footage to their floor plan and view the surrounding landscape without having to weather the elements. While these rooms are timeless, they aren’t indestructible. As with every part of your house, they’ll eventually need some maintenance and repairs. Knowing which kinds of problems can arise is the first step toward making sure your sunroom continues to provide the same rejuvenating benefits as it did on day one. Here are some of the common problems and repairs that you’ll want to watch out for as you enjoy your sunroom over the years. 

Water leakage 

Because they’re rooms filled with window panels – on the walls and the ceilings – it’s understandable that over time the glass in your sunroom would eventually need repair. Like with any window in your house, you’ll notice deterioration after years of use, particularly with the seals designed to keep the moisture outside. This is a problem that is beneficial to notice early on before that water causes too big of a problem. If gone unnoticed, water that seeps in can cause corrosion, wood rot or mold build-up. Make sure to inspect the gaskets, frames, and sealants once every few years, keeping an eye out for cracks, breaks and bends. One indicator of your seals failing is condensation on the inside of your windows during the colder months. 

Storm damage

Aside from normal wear and tear from use of your sunroom, large-scale weather events can take their toll. Heavy snowfall can cause buckling, high winds can down tree branches and ice storms can cause cracks in your windows. No matter the size of the problem, Global Solarium has the expertise to fix it. In fact, Global Solarium was the company called on by the Portland International Airport to repair skylights, replace gaskets and sealant and improve overall efficiency. 

Upgrade from three-seasons to four-seasons

One common change that people tend to make to a sunroom over the years is less of a repair and more of an upgrade: changing from a three-season sunroom to a four-season sunroom. The main changes for this come down to usability. Four-season sunrooms have insulated window frames and multi-pane window systems, both of which increases the room’s heat efficiency and make it more enjoyable to use during the coldest months of the year. 

No matter how long you’ve had your sunroom, enclosed patio, or conservatory, make sure that you’re keeping an eye out for signs that the space needs repairs or an upgrade. These small improvements will not only extend the life of your sunroom but make your space that much more enjoyable. 

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