The changing of the seasons is a great excuse to breathe new life into your homes spaces and your sunroom is no exception. As you entertain friends and family in this unique space — or even if youve just found yourself spending more downtime in your sunroom — you want to create a pleasant environment that fits the seasons bright and fun vibe. If youre unsure of where to start, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Be bold with your colors

When it comes to the colors that represent summer, all you have to do is take a peek in your closet at your sundresses and linen shifts to notice the theme is: bold, bright colors.  Theres nothing quite as eye-catching as a splash of color – and often its the easiest way to make a room feel like an entirely new space. Consider changing out pillowcases for those that are bright turquoise, pink, or even chartreuse. Once you do, youll see just how quickly a pop of color can shift your mood to a joyous one and bring a smile to your guestsfaces.  Another way to think about decorating your space is to pick a pattern youre drawn to and find a way to display it in your sunroom. This is easy to achieve through a new rug or mat. 

Summer Lovina Theme 

Summer is the perfect time to have fun with your decorations, which includes creating a theme for your sunroom. Themes are best decided by what you stumble upon and what you are drawn to. For example, finding an old wooden boat wheel at a garage sale may inspire a nautical theme, or unboxing gorgeous sheer curtains from the attic may spark a dreamy white theme. Take inventory of the things you love and have fun with them. 

Add New Features 

One way to elevate a sunroom for the summer is to add a new feature. Much like you might consider buying an electric fireplace in the winter, you might consider installing an overhead fan for the summer to keep the room cool. Another popular addition to a sunroom is to add a water feature. In doing so, youre adding yet another way for you to feel as though youre immersed in nature, both through the look and the sounds of the room. 

Change Up the Rooms Use

Another approach to redecorating your sunroom is to rethink your plans for how you use the space. Our activities change from season to season, so spend a little time making a room that better accommodates your summer lifestyle. For example, if youve been using the room as an office, consider reconfiguring it to better allow you to do your morning yoga routine or rearrange the furniture to make it so you can read that bestseller while basking in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight. Another popular choice for summer is to make your sunroom a dining room for hosting a meal while gazing out over your garden or trees. To add to the ambiance, consider hanging string lights between your windows. This small touch will have the dual effect of transforming your space and inviting your guests to stay longer.  

Once you start considering all the ways in which you can reimagine your sunroom for summer, youll realize how versatile of a space it is. Making even the smallest change to your summer décor will help ensure youre maximizing your sunroom for all seasons.  

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