When planning your sunroom, you’ll want to be thoughtful about your lighting – both ambient and natural. Here are some things to consider in order to make the most out of your new addition from morning to night.

Location, location, location

If you’ve yet to install your sunroom, then the first thing to take into account when planning on the room’s lighting is to decide where in your house it should go. Luckily, the sun is consistent in where it rises and sets, so you can use this information to create a plan. A north- or south-facing sunroom will result in partial sun and shade throughout the day while east- or west-facing sunrooms usher in light in the morning or afternoon, respectively.

Be thoughtful with your glass

During your sunroom planning stage, be thoughtful about how much glass you use in your design and which colors you choose for the trim of your window frames. The larger the frames and the darker the color, the less light you will be letting into your sunroom. Choosing lighter colors such as white or cream for your room will allow the light to bounce, creating a brighter space. While mapping out your addition, you might even begin to question: is floor to ceiling windows enough? If you want to add in even more natural light, consider a glass ceiling in your design. The curved-eave designs have become a favorite among sunroom customers.

Lighting with a purpose

A popular addition to any sunroom is a ceiling fan that also acts as a light fixture. This has the dual function of cooling off the room in the warm summer months and lighting the room into the evening. Additionally, if your sunroom also stands to function as an office or reading space, consider adding task lighting to concentrate the room’s lighting on certain areas where working or reading will take place. Floor and table lamps are good for this because they don’t take up much space and allow you to be specific about lit areas, while also giving you the option to soak in the night scene.

Get playful with accent lights

One popular trend among sunroom owners is to install accent lights to highlight a piece of artwork or a particular plant during the dusk and nighttime darkness. Accent lights can also take the form of candles, which create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and café string lights, which set a playful and festive tone. Using accent lighting is all about setting a mood, so be sure to go into the project with a clear idea of how you want to feel in the space.