Sunrooms are a sanctuary. A sunroom helps its occupants connect with the natural world — even from the indoors — by letting in plenty of light and views of the outdoors, even while offering protection from the rain, wind and sunlight. And with the right contractor and the right materials, you can bring beautiful nature inside and enjoy it all year round with a sunroom. Consider some ideas to help you get the most out of the surrounding natural world:

Cherish the view

Sunrooms and patio rooms let in more than just the sunshine. They also let in an unobstructed view of the outdoors — when you’re surrounded by a roof and three walls made of glass, you’ll feel as though you’re in nature, even as you remain protected from the elements. Take a deep breath, and take in your surroundings. Your sunroom brings the outdoors to you.

Materials make all the difference

To maximize the natural benefits of your sunroom, pay attention to the materials you use in its construction and decor. Incorporating organic materials and textures, like wood framing and floors, helps the space feel more cohesive with the outdoors. Talk to your contractor about the pros and cons of choosing wood over other manmade options, like vinyl or aluminum — while it can require more maintenance, there’s nothing that compares to the warm, natural look of wood framing. Global Solarium offers real Douglas Fir and Red Oak. Depending on your taste, style, and ideal sunroom addition cost, we can also create your dream space using alder, mahogany, cherry, maple, pine, or cedar.

Sunrooms keep you safe from the sun

One of the best benefits of a sunroom is that it lets you customize just how much sun exposure is best for you, all year round. Standard glass blocks UVB rays, or radiation from the sun that has a lower wavelength. UVA rays have higher wavelengths, and while most ordinary glass blocks around one-quarter of UVA rays, you can customize your sunroom with double-glazed or tinted windows to boost your protection. Enhancing your windows will minimize your chances of a sunburn, as well as your exposure to potentially harmful rays. An experienced contractor will know the best window options for 4 season sunroom additions that fit your preferences and lifestyle.

How should I decorate my sunroom?

The decor is vital when it comes to enhancing nature inside your sunroom. That’s especially true when it comes to your choice of furniture. Look for clean, organic lines in sofas, tables, and chairs made from wood or stone. You can also look for colors and fabrics that mimic those found in nature. Depending on your tastes, that could encompass a wide variety of options — you could be drawn to an orange, vibrant pillow the color of a sunset, or a soft green rug that mimics a mossy forest floor. To really let the outdoors shine, you can also select a neutral color palette in whites, grays, and beiges that lets your sunroom’s spectacular view serve as the star of the show. This is also a gorgeous place to incorporate natural fibers like wool, cotton, or jute.

What to ask a contractor

For most clients, the first question for a contractor will be — how can I maximize my budget? An expert sunroom builder can help you source high-quality materials and position your sunroom strategically, so it gives you the best possible nature experience from indoors. They can also help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages between year-round and 3 season sunroom additions. A 3 season sunroom is typically more affordable because it requires fewer hookups for heating and cooling systems needed to make your sunroom comfortable in extreme temperatures. The right contractor can also guide you through materials selection to ensure the finished product aligns with your vision.

Contractors can also help you cut through red tape — will you need any permits or other paperwork to legally build a sunroom on your property? Different municipalities have different rules, so asking the local experts can save you headaches down the line.

However you choose to build your sunroom, the experienced experts at Global Solarium can help you bring nature indoors and construct an addition to your home that brings you joy through the changing seasons. To find out more, call our team at Global Solariums at (800) 810-7666, (360) 810-7666, or email us at

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