Two things that will instantly enhance the daily experience of living in your home? More space, and more light.


Luckily, a sunroom provides both. Constructing a sunroom to your home expands your square footage, giving you and your family additional room to enjoy your life. But it also carries the massive added benefit of increasing your access to natural light from inside the house — a huge advantage, especially when you consider all of the mental and physical health improvements tied to sunlight exposure.

And thats just the tip of the iceberg. Building a sunroom enhances your living space in an unlimited number of ways, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors without exposing yourself to freezing temperatures, pouring rain or harsh solar rays.


Think of all the ways that constructing a sunroom or solarium could improve the experience of living in your home:


How would you use a full additional room to your home? Do you want a place to exercise, or a sunlit home office, or a striking new place to entertain guests? While adding a full-on indoor addition can be extremely costly and time-consuming, a sunroom provides a middle-ground — you can reap the benefits of additional indoor space, without dealing with all of the hurdles that come with a traditional home expansion. Options for sunrooms include extremely affordable choices, like a prefabricated solarium kit that costs as little as $8,000 for materials and installation. Homeowners can also expect to recoup a significant portion of their investment when they decide to sell the property because sunrooms are attractive additions and increase home values for prospective buyers.


Create the perfect environment to cultivate plants


Has your fiddle leaf fig tree seen better days? To be frank it probably isnt getting enough light. Many rooms just dont have large enough windows to provide the kind of access to sunlight that plants need in order to thrive. A sunroom cuts right to the core of that problem. Constructed almost entirely of glass panels set into unobtrusive wood, vinyl or aluminum framing, sunrooms like those provided by Global Solarium are perfect environments for cultivating your green thumb. You can absolutely improve the health of your house plants, but why stop there? A sunroom offers the perfect opportunity to up your game in the kitchen with home-grown herbs and produce. No matter the season, you can whip up an elaborate summer salad of berries, tomato, and basil, or a hearty winter stew of carrots, potatoes, and parsley. Theres no better way to guarantee a healthy, thriving crop than to grow your produce in a climate-controlled area with unlimited access to sunlight.


Reduce your utility bill — and your carbon footprint


Did you know that building a sunroom is one of the most effective ways you can help control the interior temperature of your home?

By letting the rays of the sun do their work, youre able to heat your home gently and naturally, without needing as much help from traditional heating systems. In fact, one study from the University of Oregon published last year found that passive solar power” — aka the natural heating power provided by the sun, even without the help of solar panels — could cut energy use for residential heating down by around a third. Researchers also found that glass set on a diagonal angle (as opposed to vertical glass in a traditional window) was by far the most effective, and that to reap the benefits, all you really need is 10 square meters of glass per roof. 

The idea isnt that it would take over traditional heating completely, but it would diminish the amount you need,” Alexandra Rempel, the UO building scientist who co-led the study, told campus publication Around the O at the time. Money is a go-to incentive.”


The result? Harnessing passive solar power creates a much friendlier outlook for both your wallet and the environment.


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