One of the perks of adding a solarium to your house is that you no longer have to wait until a certain time of year to tend to your garden.  The joy you find helping your plants grow, from seedling to full bloom, is now something you can get in the middle of summer or the dead of winter. If you take a few steps, you can make your solarium the ideal place for year-round planting. Heres what you need to do:

Consider solarium light and temperature

In order to maximize the growth potential of your plants, youll want to consider your rooms access to light and heat. Though the specifics will depend on which type of plants youd like in your indoor garden, ideally you should aim to bring in between 10 to 14 hours of sunlight, a majority of which should be direct sunlight. That means that during the winter and shoulder seasons, youll want to use artificial lights that mimic the sun. These specialty lamps can also help with temperature, as youll want to stay between 60 to 75 degrees year-round. This might mean you have to add a fan in the summer and a heater in the winter. 

Create space for your plants in the solarium

Even though it has the illusion of an outdoor setting, your solarium is still indoors and thus youll need containers for your plants. With options such as small plastic containers for herbs and large ceramic pots for larger plants, you can have fun with how you display your plants in your solarium. You can use a potting bench or potting table, a stadium-tiered shelving unit, or hang your plants from hooks in the ceiling. Designing a space that is both inviting to garden in and to spend time among greenery is a good way to be creative with your solarium. 

Choose your solarium plants wisely

Even though youll have control of the temperature and the light in your solarium, you will still want to consider the plants that work best for your space, your personal preferences, and your energy goals. Youll want to do some research on which plants grow best indoors and which plants grow during which season. Some plants, like kale, can withstand freezing temperatures while tomatoes need warmth to survive. 

You dont have to be an avid gardener or have the greenest thumb to enjoy your solarium as a year-round garden. Just take a few steps to prepare your space, roll up your sleeves and let the magic begin. 

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