Of all the benefits there are to adding a conservatory to your home — which include increasing your home’s value through the floor plan and bringing more natural light into your living space — one of the top advantages is the usable space you’ll add to your home. The possibilities of how you can utilize this new space are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you inspired. 

A Bright Home Office 

As more companies embrace a remote workforce, home offices have become more and more commonplace. Instead of putting your desk and computer in the dreary basement or tucked in the corner of a spare bedroom, include it in the planning of your new conservatory. The natural light and sights and sounds of the outside will make each workday a more pleasant experience, which in turn will increase your happiness. 

Your Enviable Hobby Room 

You likely have a hobby that you enjoy doing in your spare time — knitting, yoga, crafting or gardening. These pastimes are an important part to relieving stress and keeping yourself balanced. But as important as these activities are, have you made space for them in your home? Your conservatory is the perfect place for your hobbies because its relaxing, natural setting invites calm and sparks joy. It’s the perfect place to unwind, so why not pair that with the activities you enjoy doing the most? 

A Swoon-Worthy Reading Room

Are you one of those people who takes their book on vacation to read by the pool, reveling in the sunlight warming you and illuminating your pages? Bring that vacation feeling home by making your conservatory your naturally lit reading room that can be enjoyed in all four seasons. Build some bookshelves, put in your comfiest chair, and add a table for your teacup. Once you see the space set up for your literary enjoyment, it will undoubtedly become your favorite room in the house. 

A Place to Eat in Nature

One often overlooked use of a conservatory is as a dining room for you and your family. Meals already bring people together, so make each occasion more memorable and spur more topics of conversation by allowing everyone to enjoy the sun and plants outside. Because the windows and framing of your conservatory are well-insulated, minimizing heat transfer, you may even find that wintertime dinners will soon become cherished moments of feeling as though you’re eating dinner inside a snow globe. 

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