Four seasons rooms are sunrooms that add living space, comfort, and value to your home in any season. Modern four seasons rooms protect you from the elements, bring natural sunlight into your home, and provide additional space to entertain guests with all of the comfort of being indoors during the cold winter months.

More Living Space

Adding a four seasons room to your home will give you more living space every day, and more space for entertaining for holidays and other special occasions. Enjoy your morning coffee and watch the sunrise in a room with floor to ceiling insulated windows that keep the brisk morning air out and you warm inside. Throughout the day, the space might transform into a playroom, a quiet spot for homework, or a place to relax at the end of the day with friends and a board game. In winter, a four seasons room is a great space to entertain guests with all of the comfort of being indoors and the view of the outdoors.

Winter brings holidays, and a sunroom is ideal for holiday gatherings. Imagine setting a table for your holiday feast with the perfect view beyond the windows of the sunroom custom designed for your home with the help of Global Solariums. The many color and material design choices available will make the sunroom feel like it has always been part of your home. Your guests will be protected from whatever the weather brings because our authorized dealers and contractors use the highest quality solarium materials. 

Be Comfortable

Winter weather can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors and get the natural sunlight you need. If you enjoy spending time outdoors in good weather, a four seasons sunroom will give you natural light and a connection with nature even in the winter months. Whatever the weather is outside, true four seasons rooms are designed with climate control built in to keep you comfortable inside. Thermally broken, heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum frames and double sealed, dual or triple pane insulated glass will protect you from the elements while letting natural light into your home.

You control the environment inside. We will work with you to determine the best options for your location. Connecting to your existing furnace or heat pump may be possible, but ductless mini-splits are also an option.

Value In Any Season

A four seasons room increases the living space and adds comfort to your home in winter, but it also adds overall value. Energy efficient design of versatile additional square footage is an immediate value for you and your family. Adding a four seasons room increases the long-term value of your home, and often costs less and is faster to build than a traditional build.

Global Solariums can help design the right space for you. From the outside, the room will be seamless as if it has always been part of your home. The process for a sunroom install begins with you choosing the options that will work best for you. There are many sunroom options to consider:

Global Solariums authorized dealers are ready to build your four seasons room or help build a custom prefab solarium kit to meet your needs today. Contact us for a free estimate to make your dream sunroom a reality!

Protect Your Sunroom

After your four seasons room is built, protect your investment and get the most out of the energy efficient design with timely maintenance and seasonal precautions that are right for your location. Professional sunroom installers take steps during installation to ensure your sunroom will be energy efficient and last a long time, but care must be taken to preserve the efficiency and longevity of your sunroom addition. 

Consider normal weather conditions for your area, and check for location specific issues. If you are in a wetter climate, for example, keep the sunroom ventilated properly to avoid condensation that may cause damage.

Global Solariums can help you with solarium repair, but watching for leaks and maintaining your sunroom will help you get the most out of your investment. 

  • Check gaskets, sealants, and overall condition of your sunroom regularly. Repair or replace damaged gaskets and seals.
  • Is there a draft? Find and seal leaks that happen over time and with changing weather conditions.
  • Call in the professionals for an inspection every three or four years. Getting an experienced set of eyes on potential problems can help prevent costly damage.