With the mood-boosting appeal of natural light and the financial benefit of increased living space for a low cost, sunrooms practically sell themselves. Once you become the proud new owner of a sunroom, then comes the fun part: making it into your favorite room in your home. When it comes to designing your sunroom, there are many different routes to go, many of which depends on your goals for the space and how you’re hoping to make it feel. The possibilities are endless, but here are some design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Soft, neutral colors

Sunrooms are all about natural light, so it’s common to incorporate colors that bounce instead of absorbing, the light. Choosing soft, neutral colors allows you to really illuminate the space. This includes colors such as sky blues, neutral greys and eggshell white. You can include this color palette in your color choice for painting the walls or incorporate it into your choice of fabrics for your furniture. Either way, by doing so you’re giving the space a more light, dreamy feel.

Bring the space to life

With floor-to-ceiling windows and the common inclusion of a connecting patio, sunrooms act as a connection between your house and your outdoor space. That’s why greenery in the form of potted plants and trees is a popular way to decorate your sunroom. This helps the space feel more natural and inviting, welcoming in the calming feeling of nature into your home. Other natural materials, such as wood tables, bamboo chairs or rattan furniture, have the same effect.

Playful with patterns

One popular design choice for sunrooms comes through the patterns you choose for your furniture, curtains and rugs. Keep your eye out for a pattern that you’re really drawn to and look for ways to incorporate that into your design. Consider giving your sunroom a really unique feel by mixing and matching patterns. Linear shapes and geometric patterns will give your space a more modern feel, while brighter colors and rule-breaking patterns will offer more of a bohemian feel. If you want to make your room eye-catching, consider adding an elaborate rug, opt for a patterned ceiling or choose accent pieces, such as pillows and an ottoman, with striking patterns and contrasting in color.   

Bold, personal choices

There’s no better way to make a space feel like your own than through character-driven touches. Your sunroom is your place to be adventurous with your style, so your design for the space can really start with one piece of furniture that you like and inspire you to build the rest of the design around. Your sunroom is a great spot for your hanging wicker chair, vintage coffee table or that metal-framed daybed. You can also choose to show your personality with powerful, vibrant colors, which you can display throughout the space or through pops of color here and there.  While your sunroom is part of your house, don’t be afraid to give it a personality of its own.