By building an awning over your patio, you open up a whole new indoor/outdoor experience at your home or business. 

A patio awning lets you take full advantage of every space your property has to offer year-round. The overhead coverage means that you get protection from the elements, but the glass panels ensure that youre letting in the natural light that offers countless health and mood-boosting benefits.

At Global Solarium, we have the experience and capability to help you design and install the patio awning of your dreams. Our sturdy construction, high-quality finishes, and thorough weatherization process means that your installation can stand up to the elements, all while adding value and curb appeal to your structure.

As you kick off your patio awning journey, youll want to ask yourself a few questions: 


What kind of glass is right for me?


You have two options for treated glass. Both are safer and sturdier than traditional glass, especially for an outdoor patio awning that may be exposed to extreme weather, falling tree branches, or debris.

The first type is laminated glass. Laminated glass is treated by inserting an extra plastic layer in between the layers of the glass. Faced with a scenario that causes the panel to shatter, that extra layer of material will keep the fractured glass in place. While youll still need to replace the broken panel, cleanup and removal is much safer.

You can also choose to build your patio awning using tempered glass. Tempered glass is cooled much more slowly than traditional glass, resulting in a finished product thats much more durable. But tempered glass is also safer because of the way it breaks — instead of shattering into jagged, dangerous shards, the tempered glass breaks up into tiny, beadlike pieces with fewer sharp edges.

Typically, laminated glass is slightly more expensive than tempered glass, though both are better options than traditional glass for building a patio awning. Global Solarium offers both options. You can decide which one is right for your project.


What frame materials do I want to use?


Global Solariums offers two different kinds of patio awning frames, each with its own advantages.

Our extruded aluminum frames are exceptionally durable. Unlike other metals, aluminum wont rust, and its flexibility means that you can adapt your patio awnings shape to suit your home, business, or personal style. Aluminum is also a great option for those who enjoy a clean, modern style.

Our wood frame patio awnings provide a warm, inviting atmosphere and look especially attractive on homes and businesses. While wood can be susceptible to warping or rotting, we thoroughly treat, prime, and finish our wood framing materials to ensure their longevity.

Aluminum typically has a longer lifespan than wood, but wood offers an unmatched level of charm. Again, its all up to you, and how you want your patio awning to look and perform.


Whats my style?


The high-quality materials and installation expertise at Global Solarium mean that youll be able to design a patio awning that suits virtually any architectural style. 

If youre adding an awning to a mid-century modern structure, youll want to consider a no-frills design with clean, straight lines to enhance the existing architecture. Alternatively, if the existing building was built in a Victorian or Edwardian style, youll want to embrace the drama — look for opportunities to add high points and sweeping, elaborate shapes.

Aluminum framing generally provides more flexibility for patio awning style than wood framing, but options abound for both.


What purpose do I want my patio awning to serve?


Are you building an entryway to your business that will help shield your patrons from the elements when they enter and exit? Are you looking to extend the living space of your home, allowing you to relax and enjoy a functional patio even during the rainy months? Consider the purpose you want your covered space to serve, and talk to the team at Global Solarium to ensure youre making the best choices for your and your vision.


Will I need a permit?


Whether or not youll need to obtain a permit for your patio awning depends on a few different factors. The proposed size of your awning, whether your building is residential or commercial, and the zoning laws that dictate your particular municipality can all affect the required paperwork. For a free consultation, contact the experts at Global Solarium at (800) 810-7666 or email us at

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