If the pandemic proved anything over the last two years, its that our homes are vital to our happiness and wellbeing. Take that lesson into 2022 by maximizing your enjoyment of your home with a sunroom. Need a little inspiration for how best to use and decorate the space? Give these ideas a try:

Get artsy

Whats your thing? A sunroom is a perfect space to explore a huge range of artistic hobbies (theres a reason drawing rooms in historic estates had huge windows!) Set up a painting easel, or a pottery wheel, or a photography studio, and let the surrounding natural world serve as your muse. Or go the route of an old-school music parlor, and fill your sunroom with sheet music and instruments.

Transform your home office

A less-than-fun fact: many American office workers dont get near enough daylight exposure in their workplaces, despite spending at least a third of their lives behind a desk. A 2018 study found that nearly half of employees feel tired from the absence of natural light or a window in their office, and 43 percent reported feeling gloomy as a result. But if youre part of the huge swath of workers that transitioned into working from home over the past two years, theres a silver lining. You can capitalize on the opportunity to boost your mood, health, and productivity by setting up a home office in your sunroom. Make sure to position your desk so you can take in the full, unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Up your hosting game

Lets be honest, hosting in a sunroom is a flex. Create the ideal space for guests by transforming your sunroom into the perfect entertaining space. Incorporate parlor games — billiards, anyone? How about a round of poker? Bonus points if the table games are located near a bar where you can mix your guests their favorite drink. For a mellower entertaining vibe, furnish your sunroom with a television, a sectional couch big enough to accommodate the full crew for movie night, and a popcorn machine.

Escape into a sanctuary

Not all sunrooms should be designed with guests in mind. Many are meant for the person who will spend the most time in the space: you. Create your own personalized escape by incorporating individualized, cozy touches — a hammock chair is the best place to curl up with a book, especially paired with a plush throw blanket. Incorporate soft, low lighting and pleasant sensory details, like soft rugs and a delicious-smelling candle.

Bring the outdoors inside

Plants thrive with plenty of natural light. If youve struggled to keep indoor greenery healthy in other parts of your house, a sunroom is your solution. To get the full, lush greenhouse effect, crowd multiple kinds of flora of different heights into the space. Set it off with furniture and fabrics made from natural materials like wood, bamboo, and jute — and dont be afraid of incorporating green accents. 

Start sweating

Theres no more ideal space for a year-round home gymnasium than a sunroom. In the summer, you can crack open the windows and let in a light breeze to cool the sweat, and in the winter you can execute the sun salutations in your morning yoga routine without having to brave the elements. And your prefab solarium will likely have space for a few different workout stations, as well. Keep your body guessing by setting aside one corner for cardio, a second corner for strength training, a third for stretching, and a fourth for your water cooler. 

Extend your dining space

Live all your al fresco dining dreams, without ever leaving your home. Solariums make perfect dining rooms or secondary eating spaces. Make a formal, flexible dinner space by furnishing your sunroom with an extendable dining table. Or keep it casual as a breakfast nook — incorporate a coffee station, comfy chairs, and a coffee table big enough to accommodate a sprawling Sunday newspaper.

Keep it minimalist

Let the view do the talking and keep your sunroom decor modern and minimalist. Look for practical, comfortable furniture with clean lines in a muted color palette — grays, creams and beiges let the unobstructed view of the world take center stage. For a bold, modern touch, paint the interior walls, aluminum sunroom parts, and window framing of the space jet black. It tricks the eye, making the walls visually recede and allowing the views of the surrounding grounds pop forward.

Play with color

Alternatively, a sunroom is a great place to get a little playful with your palette. Because its an extra addition to your home, you shouldnt be afraid to embrace your full maximalist dreams. Try a bright striped wallpaper paired with a whimsical floral couch. Try a safari theme, incorporating animal prints and earthy tones, or go full Italian villa with lush blooms and ornate iron-wrought furniture. The point is that this space is yours — your taste should guide it. Keeping a theme in mind will help you choose sunroom materials that align best with your vision.

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