As spring often brings with it renewed energy, it’s no wonder the season is synonymous with cleaning. Tidying up the yard, cleaning the gutters, and clearing away the cobwebs are just a few items that help you prepare for warmer days ahead. When you’re making your spring cleaning to-do list, don’t forget about your sunroom. It is about to see some increased use in coming months.

Clear tracks of fall debris

In addition to clearing your patio, deck, and yard of the fall leaves that have accumulated over autumn and winter, don’t forget to give your sunroom the same thorough cleaning. Check the door and window tracks for leaves and dust that have accumulated over the past summer months. These are easy to clean with a vacuum, a garden hose, broom, or cloth. Once the tracks are clean and dry, use a lubricant to keep the tracks operating smoothly in the months to come.

Clean the windows

Easily the best asset of a sunroom is the floor-to-ceiling windows that fill the room with natural light. However, the luminous effect of this space won’t be quite as magical if you have smudged or dirty windows. To get the most out of your bonus room, take the time to inspect your windows to ensure they are clean – inside and out. Dust will have accumulated over time on the inside of the glass and the outside will likely have dirt accumulated over months of wind and rain.

Clean the screens

If your sunroom has windows that open and screens in place to keep the bugs from coming inside, you’ll want to clear the screen of any dirt and debris. Screens are easy enough to clean – just pop them off of their tracks and spray them down with a hose set to a high pressure. You can use a brush or rag to help you remove any excess debris that doesn’t come off. Then, you can then let the screens dry or shake them off and put them back on their tracks.

Sweep the room and tidy the furniture

Just like you clean any other room in your home, spend some time scrutinizing the cleanliness of your sunroom. If the room hasn’t been used much during the winter months, sweep the floors, dust the shelves, vacuum the rugs and furniture, and tend to the plants. While your sunroom is your favorite room all year long, spring and summer is the time it really shines. As the days become longer, you’ll find yourself drawn to the room to watch the trees begin to green and the flowers begin to bloom. It’s worth taking a few extra moments to make sure a little dust doesn’t ruin that.