A pool enclosure is more than just a beautiful addition to your home. Its incredibly functional, too, increasing the utility and enjoyment of your homes pool — which is supposed to represent fun and relaxation, not another chore that needs attention.

At Global Solarium, we provide a comprehensive variety of options for striking and effective structures to protect your pool and complement your home. Our thermally-broken frames are made from vinyl or aluminum, with high-performance dual-pane glass, a built-in quadruple weepage system and extruded aluminum gutters. Our customers can also choose between sliding windows and single-hung windows, as well as door options that include French doors, sliding doors, folding doors and multiple-panel sliding doors.

The possibilities for your pool enclosure are endless. And consider some of the benefits of constructing this valuable addition to your home:

A pool enclosure ensures year-round use 

Youve already gone through the considerable work and expense of installing an in-ground pool — but for many pool owners, thats not enough to ensure that you can enjoy the addition to your home during all four seasons. Building an enclosure acts as an insurance policy because it helps you guarantee that you can enjoy your investment year-round. Just like a sunroom install allows you to enjoy the outdoors while protecting you against the elements, building a pool enclosure helps you guard against rain, snow, extreme cold, intense heat and harsh sun rays.

Enclosing your pool saves you money on heating costs

One of the biggest ongoing expenses of maintaining a pool is the cost of keeping the water at a comfortable swimming temperature — it can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your utility bill every month. Building a pool enclosure helps moderate the temperature of the water and saves you major money. A structure that fully encompasses a pool can help moderate the waters temperature against outdoor fluctuations by up to 30 degrees.

Worry less about access and safety

Having an uncovered, open body of water can open you up to safety risks, as well as liability. Anyone who cant swim — including small children or pets — could wander toward the water and fall in and potentially drown. A pool enclosure cuts down on that risk considerably, allowing your kids and animals to play in the yard without you worrying about them getting rowdy too close to the water.

Spend less time cleaning and more time swimming

Imagine a hot summer day, perfect for a dip in your pool — the sun beating down, the breeze in the trees. But before you can bust out a perfect cannonball, you have to clear all the branches, leaves and other debris that will inevitably fall into the uncovered waters surface. Building a pool enclosure altogether eliminates the unpleasant, time-consuming chore that comes with home pool maintenance.

Reduce the amount of chemicals in your water

Unprotected outdoor pools are vulnerable to developing green water, which is caused by a buildup of bacteria or algae that turn the water an unpleasant color (and indicate that the water may not be safe for swimmers). But keeping green water at bay requires the liberal application of chemicals. Covering your pool with an enclosure creates a closed environment, making it less likely that your pool will become contaminated and allowing you to scale back the quantity of chemicals you need in order to guarantee a sanitary environment. Your itchy eyes, skin and scalp will thank you when you reduce the concentration of chemicals in the pool water.

Building an enclosure keeps the bugs away

Bugs happen. But fortunately, they happen a lot less inside than they do outside. Fully enclosing your pool with a structure will keep the critters away, empowering you to fully relax while reclined next to the sparkling blue water (instead of spending your downtime swatting at flies.)

Bump up the value of your house

For all the reasons already stated, adding a pool enclosure to your home makes it much more attractive to prospective buyers when youre ready to put it on the market. Homeowners should expect to recoup around half the cost of building a pool enclosure via the significant bump in their homes market value.

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