Have you decided to add a sunroom or solarium to your home? First of all, congratulations! Your choice will boost the value of your home, increase your access to natural light, lower your carbon footprint and extend your living space. When it comes to such an exciting venture, youll need to keep a few things in mind to ensure youre not just building the perfect sunroom — youre building the perfect sunroom for you and your home. There are multiple factors to weigh.


Do you want to use a prefabricated kit or plan a custom project?


One of the biggest decisions youll make when building your sunroom will be whether to build a brand-new addition entirely from scratch or to use a prefab solarium. There are pros and cons to both choices. Solarium kits are usually much more affordable than custom-designed sunrooms, and usually cost between $10,000 and $30,000 to install. Prefab solarium kits come with the components youll need to construct the addition yourself or with the help of a contractor. Sunroom materials include glass panels, gutters, and vinyl, wood, or aluminum sunroom parts. Global Solarium offers both curved-eave and straight-eave options in their prefab kits.

If youre looking for a solarium built to more particular specifications, consider working with a reputable contractor to create a custom, site-built structure. While options encompass a wide range of prices, a custom-made sunroom can cost up to $80,000 including permitting and construction expenses. Unsure which option for sunrooms is right for you? Contact the team at Global Solarium for a free consultation and estimate. Well walk you through all the factors you need to consider when weighing a sunroom install project.


Location, location location


Where should you put your sunroom? That depends on a wide range of considerations. The first, of course, is the sun: if the goal is to let as much natural light into your home as possible, youll want to ensure that your solarium is situated in a location that lets the sunshine unobstructed through the windows. Also, think about the time of day you hope to enjoy the most light. If youre looking for a spot to eat breakfast, for instance, youll want to ensure that the structure is positioned to receive sunlight from the east.

Its also crucial to consider safety when orienting your sunroom. While Global Solarium extensions are constructed using high-performance dual-pane glass, it is still glass and can break in the event of a fallen tree branch or extreme weather event. Survey the area around your prospective sunroom location and assess any prospective risks.

And lastly, research your local zoning laws to ensure that youll be able to obtain a permit to build your solarium in your ideal location. Different municipalities have distinct policies involving setbacks, safety codes, and other regulatory requirements. Working with a contractor to help you handle these issues can reduce any potential headaches down the line.


How do you want to use your sunroom?


When you imagine spending time in your solarium, surrounded by glowing sunlight and unobstructed views of the outdoors, what do you picture yourself doing? Are you taking advantage of the natural light to read a book without straining your eyes, or picking up the nuances of shades in a palette of paint? Are you sweating through a workout, or playing with your kids, or enjoying a cocktail while entertaining friends?

Its ultimately up to you, but its critical to consider how you plan to use this addition to your home before you break ground on the project. Start the designing process with your life and your goals in mind, not the other way around.


Temperature control is crucial


Because the main component of a sunroom is glass, theyre more susceptible to the changing temperatures outdoors than a traditional indoor space would be. Its important to plan ahead for the changing seasons to ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable climate in your solarium year-round. Sunrooms that are connected to the main structure of your home have the added benefit of accessing your existing heating and cooling systems. Standalone structures may need supplemental help from climate control add-ons, like a fireplace or space heater in the winter or a ceiling fan in the summer.

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