Many people dream of keeping their pets in an enclosure that will truly allow them to thrive. Many bird and lizard owners keep their friends in small cages. Another option to keep your scaley or feathered friends safe and happy is a glass enclosure. These sorts of conservatories are designed specifically with the needs of the animal in mind, Such structures can be built for a single animal, a collection of a single species, or even a larger community of animals, like a selection of different tropical birds.


Making sure your pet is kept safe in its new enclosure is our top priority. Whatever friend you plan to house in the enclosure, we will custom build to meet its needs. If you require part of the enclosure to have a water feature, the process is very similar to our pool enclosures. If you require a two stage entry to help keep birds in, that’s an easy design feature. Whatever needs your animals have, our designers can facilitate to make a room or free-standing structure that is sure to wow guests and will keep your Macaw happy for his entire, very long lifespan.

Animal Happiness

Our task is to make your enclosure the best possible space for your animal friend. If that means building extensive ramps across the ceiling for a cat room, we can do that, if that means misters to keep the humidity high for frogs or snakes, we can do that too. If you plan to plant a range of plants in the enclosure, we will also ensure they are properly cared for. We can install drip systems and automatic shades to make sure your indoor slice of nature is always kept in the ideal conditions. Whatever friend you wish to house, we can build a space for them that they will truly love, which will make them love you even more!

There is such a wide range of animals optimal for enclosures that making a list of all our possible services would be rather long. We are a completely custom solarium builder, so whatever creature you need a room for, whatever style you’d like that room to be, we can make it happen. Our staff has been lucky enough to design a number of animal enclosures for past clients including a few parrot houses and a room specifically for cats.

If you see a custom room for animals as a necessary component to your dream house, give us a call today and we can help make that dream a reality.