Have recent months had you eyeing your living space differently? If you’re like most of us, spending more time at home may have you reevaluating hour house for possible improvements and may have found that you just need more space altogether.  While adding a room onto your home is a big decision, adding on a sunroom ends up being a practical, affordable home improvement choice that comes with a number of benefits. Here are five reasons you should consider adding a sunroom to your house.

Add versatile space to your home

One of the biggest reasons to include a sunroom as part of your blueprints is that it adds to the floorplan of your home in a unique way. If you’re going to add something onto your house, why not make it something extra special? The room can be used for an indoor gardening space, a place for hobbies, a yoga studio or simply a little oasis of relaxation that feels like a slice of a luxurious getaway. Set up a desk to give yourself the inspiration to write that novel you’ve been putting off or add a table and some wicker chairs and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous space for entertaining. The possibilities are endless. No matter what you end up using it for, the sunroom is bound to quickly become your favorite room in the house.

Increase your resale value

By adding square footage onto your home, you’re also adding value to your home. This is an important consideration when deciding to make any sort of home improvement. It’s an investment into your house and property, one you will see a return once the time comes to put it on the market and your house begs a higher resale value. Just as much as you’ll come to love your new sunroom, so will the potential buyers down the road.

Easy, affordable upgrade

If adding space ends up being the primary goal behind your home improvement efforts, then adding a sunroom ends up being the biggest bang for your buck. In most cases, adding a traditional room onto your home requires much more engineering and labor, all of which come with higher costs. Adding a sunroom, however, is a cost-effective way to increase your livable space. At Global Solarium, we have experienced and trained technicians who are skilled at quick installation and adapting the style of your home, meaning minimal impact on your life as well as maximum aesthetics.

Health benefits of sunlight

Apart from the additional space, another main reason to add a sunroom to your home is built into the name: sun. In the Pacific Northwest, we aren’t particularly well known for sunshine. However, when the sun does peek out from behind the clouds, why not make the most of it by ushering it into your home? There are a number of health benefits from sunlight. Vitamin D from the sun plays a major role in keeping your bones and cardiovascular system strong. Sunlight also lifts your mood which stands to help everyone in the family, especially those with Seasonal Affected Disorder who have increased fatigue and depression when there is seasonably low sunlight. Increased exposure to sunlight has also shown to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and increase the immune system. Talk to anyone with a sunroom – chances are they’ve noticed the health benefits.

Reduce your electricity bill

The increase of sunlight in your living space doesn’t just affect you physically and emotionally – it also helps out your wallet. With floor and ceiling windows bringing more light into your house, you’ll reduce your need for artificial light. The sun’s warming effects will also reduce your use of the heater, meaning that overall your electricity bill should be lower. Even on a cloudy day, a sunroom can bring in enough light that you won’t need to turn on a lamp. Adding a sunroom means you’ll be flooded by natural light, giving you an all-around brighter, more welcoming home.