Shortened autumn and winter days can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms of SAD include a lack of energy, depression, sleeping too much and weight gain. Exposure to natural sunlight may alleviate these symptoms.

Light therapy can start working quickly and has few side effects. A sunroom addition to your home may be the incentive you need to conveniently get the sunlight you need throughout the year.

Make the Sunroom a Multi-Purpose Room

Anyone considering a sunroom for their home can get valuable input from a professional contractor. We can help you create the room so it has a variety of functions. At Global Solariums, we have lots of design ideas to share with you. For example, the addition can double as a dining room or playroom.

With all the natural sunlight pouring into the room, the sunroom addition is the perfect spot for sprouting seeds for your garden or being the year-round home for a variety of plants and flowers. Of course, an attractive room with comfortable seating will become a restful spot for family and guests to rejuvenate.

Control the Environment

To get the most use of any solarium installation, a contractor will install insulation, heating and cooling devices or air circulation apparatuses. Another thing to consider is the need to have windows that open either in the walls, in the ceiling or in both.

The windows will also help with circulation and allow the occupants to enjoy a natural breeze when there is one. If that breeze should blow up a rainstorm, window controls that are sensitive to changing weather conditions can close the windows automatically and protect the interior and furniture in the room.

Get Innovative

Because a sunroom doesn’t require a lot of square footage, it is a great place in the house to get creative and test out design ideas. Wall colors, flooring and shelving arrangements are all flexible areas that are open to a homeowner’s whims. A flexible and skilled contractor can help point out what works and what doesn’t in a solarium installation.

Get in touch with Global Solariums to explore design ideas and the health benefits of a sunroom.