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Sunroom Glossary of Terms

Commonly used Sunroom terms

Argon: Gas that is used to fill the space between two panes of glass to increase insulation.

Atrium: Glass cover for a courtyard.

Bay: The distance from one edge of post to the edge of the next.

Base Wall: Also known as a pony wall or knee wall. A short wall that is below the glass.

Cap: Finish aluminum trim to cover screws or unfinished material differences.

Condensation: The moisture that deposits on the glass due to temperature changes.

Conduction: The direction of heat as it flows from one solid material to another through direct contact.

Conservatory: A classically designed sunroom.

Convection: The direction of heat as is flows through gas or liquid.

Double Pane: Two panes of glass separated by a spacer and sealed making it a sealed unit with air or gas between them.

Eave: Where the front wall meets the roof.

Flashing: Metal material that is used to waterproof between layers of construction.

Footing: Base of a foundation wall, usually concrete.

Foundation: A wall that something is built on or supported by.

Front Wall: The full front length of the sunroom between the two gable walls.

Gable End: The sidewall or end of a sunroom.

Glazing: A system of glass, gaskets, sealants, framing and any other component used in installation of glass.

Glazing Track: The base of an extrusion that holds the glass in place.

Gutter: A track that collects rain or condensation of water and diverts it to the drain.

Heat Transfer: How heat flows from hot to cold. There are three methods of this, convection, conduction or radiation.

Length: The dimension that is the same as the front wall.

Low E Glass: Polaritic coating applied to the surface of glass that reflects long wave energy.

Muntin: Horizontal member used to support the bottom and top edge of sunroom.

Rafter: Support member that extends between the ridge and front wall.

Shading Co-efficiency: Measure of how glass transmits solar heat.

Sill: Horizontal member that is installed first on the floor or pony wall.

Single Glaze: One layer of glass.

Solar Control: The ability of glass to resist heat flow from the sun’s direct radiation, the short wave energy that lies near visible light in the spectrum.

Solar Cool Bronze Glass: A type of glass that has a heat reflective coating. This type of glass reduces the amount of heat entering your sunroom.

U-Value: Describes the rate of non solar heat gain or loss through glass.

Weepage System: A series of holes and channels in the aluminum framing system that allows accumulated moisture to escape outside.

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