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About Global Solariums – Sunroom Manufacturer

Global Solarium conservatories and sunrooms are designed to give you comfort in the California sun, as well as the Minnesota frosts, and our frames are engineered to withstand the Florida winds and the New England snow.


Sunroom Features

  • Custom built to fit your dream and your dimensions
  • High performance double sealed insulated safety glass
  • Fully thermally broken frames
  • All stainless steel non-exposed fasteners
  • Quadruple built in weepage system with multi fin extruded gaskets
  • Attractive, well insulated vinyl frame vented windows
  • Built in shade track system
  • Extruded gutters matching rest of the system
  • Aluminum flashings match the color of the rest of the sunroom
  • Your choice of aluminum or wood interior with weather resistant aluminum exterior
  • Option on high performance exceptionally quiet roof or wall mounted vent fans
  • Adjustable roof pitch

Sunroom Construction

  • Offer standard, modular systems so you have to change your design to fit their modular increments
  • Standard window glass
  • None or partially thermally broken sunroom frame
  • Compare to zinc plated steel exposed screws or rivets (The battleship look)
  • Single bulb gasket or glazing tape and silicone
  • Aluminum frame with exposed screws or rivets
  • Steel flashings or none provided by manufacturer
  • Wood or aluminum in and out
  • Standard attic or greenhouse noisy exhaust fans
  • Standard set roof pitch

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